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Where can Diospyros virginiana (American or common persimmons) be grown? 


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The native range of common persimmons has been extended greatly by humans.  It was an extremely important food historically by native peoples as well as settlers. As people moved and/or expanded throughout the US, many times, so did their plants.  

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) database shows a failry broad "natural" range. It lists the following 28 US states (and Washington DC) as part of the range:

Alabama (AL)
Arkansas (AR)
Delaware (DE)
Florida (FL)
Georgia (GA)
Iowa (IA)
Illinois (IL)
Indiana (IN)
Kansas (KS)
Kentucky (KY)
Louisiana (LA)
Maryland (MD)
Missouri (MO)
Mississippi (MS)
North Carolina (NC)
Nebraska (NE)
New Jersey (NJ)
New York (NY)
Ohio (OH)
Oklahoma (OK)
Pennsylvania (PA)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Carolina (SC)
Tennessee (TN)
Texas (TX)
Virginia (VA)
Washington DC
West Virginia (WV)

The USDA map also lists Utah (UT), but I would tend to think it's more due to settlement and folks bringing plants & seeds with them as they moved.  I can confirm common persimmons being grown (and producing usable fruit) in these additional states:

California (CA)
Idaho (ID)
Michigan (MI)
Oregon (OR)
Utah (UT)
Washington (WI)

Persimmons may also now be found in the following non-US countries:






United Kingdom (UK)


If any of you grow this in an area not mentioned above, or know of Diospyros virginiana (American persimmon or common persimmon) being grown in an area not mentioned above, please let me know.