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Diospyros virginiana (common, or American persimmon)
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"No, I ain't doing it for fun," shouted Abe, angrier still; "and nobody but a double-and twisted idiot would ask such a fool question. I was paying so much attention to your dumbed story that I chewed up a green persimmon--one that hadn't been touched by the frost. It's puckered my mouth so that I will never get it straight again. It's worse than a pound of alum and a gallon of tanbark juice mixed together. O, laugh, if you want to--that's just what I'd expect from you. That's about all the sense you've got." 
- John McElroy, The Red Acorn: A Romance of the War, 1883.

Persimmon Jim: The 'Possum (1924) (read it here on persimmonpudding.com)

Persimmon Culture in New Zealand by Hirotoshi Kitagawa and Paul Glucina. (see persimmon Publications for availability)

Persimmon Recipes by Dymple Green (1981) (see persimmon Publications for availability)

Persimmons by Mary Ann Durbin and Pearl Luttrell (1989) (see persimmon Publications for availability)

Persimmons for Everyone by Eugene & Mary Griffin (1982) (see persimmon Publications for availability)

The Red Acorn: A Romance of the War (1883)