Picture of single persimmon on a branch - backlit

Processing Persimmons Into Pulp:

The Laundry Bag Method

Picture of branch with persimmons
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Making Persimmon Pulp Using Laundry Bags

This innovative method of persimmon pulp-making was sent in by Fiona McAllister of North Carolina.  It is quick and simple.  She is not only the author, but also the photographer for this piece.  

Persimmons have very fragile skins when they are ripe.  I use only the fallen fruit.  Collect them in a container of water.  That prevents them from crushing each other, and gets them clean.
freshly harvested persimmons in water, ready to make into pulp
The most challenging part of making persimmon pulp is separating the flesh from the seeds.  I use a mesh "delicates" laundry bag.laundry bag ready to use to turn persimmons into pulp
Place the persimmons in the bag and zip it up.  It is best to use fewer persimmons at a time than shown in this picture, as they become hard to handle.laundry bag stretched over measuring cup in order to receive persimmons for pulp making
Here’s the messy part.  Make sure everything has been washed well.  Then proceed to squeeze the pulp through the bag, leaving the seeds inside.  closing of the laundry bag with persimmons inside - just before squeezing out pulp
The pulp is like glue when it dries, keep everything wiped clean.newly squeezed laundry bag of persimmons - most of the pulp has been squeezed through the bag
Freeze the pulp in 2 cup/1 pint bags (480 ml).  Discard seeds and skins.opened laundry bag showing seeds and skins ready for discarding