Picture of single persimmon on a branch - backlit

Natural History of Diospyros virginiana

(common, or American persimmon)


Picture of branch with persimmons
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D. virginiana L., is a member of the Ebenaceae, also known as the ebony family.  The native range runs somewhat larger than the Southeast quadrant of the United States of America.  However, like most useful crops, the species now has a cultivated range far greater than it's native range.  

Several states have persimmons listed on their "Big Trees" or "Tall Trees" list.  American Forests keeps the list of Champion Trees which also includes Diospyros virginiana (common, or American persimmon).  For a synopsis of the various big persimmons and champion persimmons, go to the big persimmons page.  You'll find a table with listed trees and some of my pictures of big persimmons, as well as links to the various state and organization lists.  If you have pictures of some of these trees, or additional information, please contact me.