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Big Trees, Champion Trees, and other  significant persimmons 

(Diospyros virginiana - common, or American persimmon)


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Most states within the range of the common persimmon keep a list of big trees.  Most of the lists contain the state champion tree for each state.  The information listed by each state varies.   A few barely list any locality information (Kentucky).  None of the lists I have seen show whether the trees are male or female.   American Forests keeps the National Register of Big Trees Which lists the National Champion for each tree species listed.  

The trees are qualified based on a point system which takes into account three aspects of tree growth, height, crown spread, and circumference.  

Some of the states in the common persimmon's native range have big tree lists but do not yet have any big persimmons listed.  They are also listed in the table below.  Additionally, there are some states in which persimmons are not native but have been grown for years.  A few of those states do not list persimmons in their big tree lists.  They too, are listed below.  If you click on the state link from the table below, you'll be taken to a page for that state with all known significant common persimmons.

State / Province County Location Year Measured Nominator Circumference at Breast Height (CBH) (inches) Height (feet) Average Crown Spread (feet) Total Points notes
Alabama Lauderdale   2003 David Pettus 80 122 47 214  
Arkansas Yell Dardanelle 2004   151 94 78 265  
CaliforniaHas a state list but does not have a persimmon listed yet.  Persimmons are not native to California.
Connecticut Coventry 2007 Mark Sutclliffe 107 49 52 169
Delaware Kent Dover     99.3 57 47 168  
Delaware Sussex Seaford     116.2 71 52 200  
Floridano information
GeorgiaHas a state list but does not have a persimmon listed yet.
Illinois Wabash   2006 Clint Patterson 97 135 40 242   GPS: 38.3 -87.92
Indiana Posey New Harmony   David Rice 110.4 92 57 216.65  
Iowa Lee West Point 1987 Mark Rouw 77 62 32.5 147.125  
Kansas Leavenworth Leavenworth 2004 Jack Smith 107 68 41 185  
Kentucky Harlan       73.2 51 46.5 135.83  
LouisianaHas a state list but does not have a persimmon listed yet.
Maryland Prince Georges   2007         216  
Michigan Washtenaw Ann Arbor 1960 M. Kropp 93 68 47 134  
Michigan Kent Grand Rapids 2003 Elwood B. Ehrle, Fred Nietering 66 55 45 161  
MinnesotaHas a state list but does not have a persimmon listed yet.
Mississippi Leflore     H. Fluett 113 64 64 193  
Missouri Mississippi Big Oak Tree State Park     93 124 40 227  
NebraskaHas a state list but does not have a persimmon listed yet.
Nevada Washoe Reno: Idlewild Park 2002 Jim Ross 8 13 6 23  
New JerseyNo publicly available list online but does have a book on New Jersey Big Trees for sale.
New York Monroe     Richard Cook 65 77 9 151  
North CarolinaWashingtonPettigrew State ParkSid Shearin973139195
Ohio Scioto Portsmou Brian Riley 142 82 58 239 Male tree.  Pics coming soon.
Oklahoma   Wheeler Sallislaw 1999 Phil Hayden 109 76 66 201.5  
Pennsylvania Bucks Pennsbury 2004 Scott Wade, Meg Varnes, Don West 86 74 51 173  
Pennsylvania Berks Douglasville 2006 Scott Wade, Meg Varnes, Tom S. Delong 82 79.1 52 174  
Pennsylvania Dauphin Harrisburg 1998   79 86 50 178  
Pennsylvania Lebanon Lebanon 1985 Gene Odato, Sally Harley 103 65 52 181  
Rhode Islandno information
South Carolina Richland Congaree National Park 2002 Robert H. Jones, Lee Reynaud 87.6 122 37 219  
Tennessee Lauderdale Open Lake 1998 Clyde A. Stewart 107 101 56 222  
Tennessee Knox University of TN (Main Campus) 2002 Judy Baker 127.2 80 76 226  
Texas Cass   2005 Russell Lykins 79 80 50 172  
VermontHas a state list but does not have a persimmon listed yet.
Virginia Isle of Wight   1988 Byron Carmean, Gary Williamson 79 111 36 199 in danger of being dropped for lack of current measurement
Virginia Greensville   1991 Byron Carmean, Gary Williamson 88 105 40 203 in danger of being dropped for lack of current measurement
Virginia Sussex   2005 Byron Carmean, Lee Devendorf, Gary Williamson 103 120 39 233  
Washington DCno information available
West Virginia Kanawha Charleston 71 76 44 159
Wisconsin Milwaukee  Milwaukee 2007 Robert Van Pelt       79 GPS: 43.08241, 87.88100


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West Virginia:    The West Virginia Department of Forestry does not post the West Virginia Big Tree Register on their website
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