Picture of single persimmon on a branch - backlit

Big Trees, Champion Trees, and other  significant persimmons in Ohio

(Diospyros virginiana - common, or American persimmon)


Picture of branch with persimmons
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Ohio's Champion Persimmon Trees,

The Ohio State Champion Persimmon Tree used to be the National Champion.  It is located in a cemetary in Portsmouth Ohio, a town on the Ohio River right across from Kentucky.  The basic information for the tree is shown in the table below.  I was able to visit this tree while it was in flower and can confrim it is a male persimmon.  

State / Province County Location Year Measured Nominator Circumference at Breast Height (CBH) (inches) Height (feet) Average Crown Spread (feet) Total Points notes
Ohio Scioto Portsmouth Brian Riley 142 82 58 239 Male tree.  Photos  below.

Below are two views of the tree early in 2008.  The tree had new leaves and was in flower.  This tree is not marked by any sort of sign.  The first photo shows the tree has a split trunk roughly nine feet ( m) from the ground.  The second photo shows the tree from another angle where the split is obscured.

State Champion Persimmon Tree in Portsmouth, Ohio  State Champion Persimmon Tree in Portsmouth, Ohio.  For scale, I am standing at the base of the tree.

Ohio's other Big Persimmon Trees and/or other significant Ohio persimmons


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