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Bread Recipes Using Native Persimmons (Diospyros virginiana)

(common, or American persimmon)


Picture of branch with persimmons
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"Persimmon seeds were ground to make a flour and used in breads." (Fielder 1982)

Golden Raisin Persimmon Bread (Indiana Nutgrowers Association)

Persimmon Bread #001 (Fletcher, 1915)

Persimmon Bread #002 (from Becky Hankins, French Lick, IN, 2007)

Persimmon Bread #003 (Indiana Nutgrowers Association)

Persimmon-Hickory Nut Bread (Euell Gibbons, 1962)

Persimmon Crumpets (Fletcher, 1915)

Persimmon Date Nut Muffins (Indiana Nutgrowers Association)

Persimmon Griddlecakes  (Fletcher, 1915)

Persimmon-Peanut Griddlecakes  (Fletcher, 1915)

Persimmon-Peanut Muffins  (Fletcher, 1915) - "A good recipe for campers."

Persimmon Swirl Bread (from Becky Hankins, French Lick, IN, 2007)


Fielder, Mildred.  1982.  Fielder's Herbal Helper.  Winchester Press, Tulsa, OK. pp. 44-45.