Picture of single persimmon on a branch - backlit

Persimmon Cake Recipes 

(Diospyros virginiana: common, or American persimmon)


Picture of branch with persimmons
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"Plumbs there are of 3 sorts. The red and white are like our hedge plumbs: but the other, which they call Putchamins, grow as high as a Palmeta. The fruit is like a medler; it is first greene, then yellow, and red when it is ripe: if it be not ripe it will drawe a mans mouth awrie with much torment; but when it is ripe, it is as delicious as an Apricock."       - Captain John Smith, 1612

"...they are lushious sweet."      - Thomas Hariot, 1893

Persimmon Cake Recipes:

Easy Persimmon Cake With Persimmon Icing (Indiana Nutgrowers Association)

Persimmon Coconut Cake (Indiana Nutgrowers Association)

Persimmon-Coffee Fruit Cake (Fletcher, 1915)

Persimmon Cake (Fletcher, 1915)

Persimmon Roll (Indiana Nutgrowers Association)

Persimmon Tea Loaf (Indiana Nutgrowers Association)