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Persimmon Drink Recipes

(Diospyros virginiana: common, or American persimmon)


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"Tea made from the green leaves is very acceptable but that from the dried leaves
is even better, having a flavor slightly reminiscent of sassafrass".  -Euell Gibbons, 1962

"Christmas comes but once a year, eggnog and 'simmon beer." --traditional southern song (1800s)

The following recipes are for persimmon drinks.  Some of the drinks below are alcoholic, some are not.  If you have persimmon drinks that you created, please feel free to submit them.  Comments on those below are also welcome.  Enjoy!

Home-brewed beer made from persimmons was also known as Possum Beer.

Jack Keller's Wild Persimmon Wine (Jack Keller, updated 2008)

Persimmon Beer (Euell Gibbons, 1962)

Persimmon Seed "Coffee Substitute" (Euell Gibbons, 1962)  - roasted & ground

Persimmon Leaf Tea (Euell Gibbons, 1962)

Persimmon Wine (by Cathy Murphy)