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Persimmon Sources

(Diospyros virginiana L.: common, or American persimmon)


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Updated: December 26, 2011

The most common question I get is where can I get persimmon pulp?  I get a lot of questions asking where folks can get trees as well, but by far...people want pulp!  So, in order to help answer that question, I'm adding sources of various persimmon items to this page as I get them.  I'll also mark whether you can obtain persimmon wares via local pickup and/or mailorder.   Call for availability.  

NOTE: Persimmon pulp is a RAW FOOD PRODUCT.  It should be used in products which require cooking.  

PLEASE NOTE: These sources are here for informational purposes.  I make no money from these folks, or their sales efforts.  I list them in order to forward the notion that people may want to experience persimmons.  Additionally, while I may have prices listed,  I don't track this except at the beginning of each harvest season, or if a seller sends me an update.  I'll make changes when I hear from someone, but don't be surprised if prices change or people are out of persimmon wares.  It is important that I note here that persimmon pulp may be purchased all year long from many of these sellers.  Additionally, as far as I know all the sources below sell to the end consumer (meaning retail).  I would doubt any of the folks have industrial quantities.  If I hear of someone who does, I'll list that by their entry.  Enjoy ...and please report back!

By the way, whether you're a grower, wildcrafter, nursery owner, baker, etc...if you've got persimmon items, please let me know!

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Persimmon Pulp Sources: Illinois    Indiana    North Carolina            

ILLINOIS (3 locations)
Robinson, IL -

        Mark & Jean Matthews
, 902 E. Main Street, Robinson, IL  62454, (618) 544-2911, ($4.00/pint).  
        CALL FIRST
 They have been selling persimmon pulp for ten years.  They also own the Dog-n-Suds in Robinson (where I saw
        the ad for persimmon pulp on the sign out front!).

        Manford Mullins,
8751 East 1250th Ave, Robinson, IL  62454, (618) 569-4470, ($3.00/pint), pickup & local delivery only. 
        Manford Mullins has been selling persimmon pulp for 60 years in Robinson, IL!!!!  Also has whole persimmons when in season.

Taylorville, IL
- at the Persimmon Party,  PICKUP ONLY.
INDIANA (25 locations!!!)
Avon, IN - Avon Farmer's Market, on Rockville Rd. in Avon, Indiana.  ($5.99/pint), assumed PICKUP ONLY.  Have not been able to confirm for 2011.  If this can not be confirmed, this listing will be eliminated.

Bedford, IN

        Apple Acres
, 9104 State Road 37, Bedford, IN 47421, (812) 279.9721,  ($6.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY, (also seasonal farm produce and plants).

        Bostock Racing, 116 Edgewood Drive, Bedford, IN 47421   (812) 277-9147   ($3.50/Pint) Pickup only, Please call and leave message on answering machine or email, will return call when home.

        Heather Laster - 1322 T Street, Bedford, IN 47421, (812) 277-9436, ($3.50/pint), pickup or local delivery, black walnuts
        in season,

        Persimmon Pleasures (a division of Seeds And Such), 1105 R Street, Bedford, IN 47421, ($9.00/pint, also wholesale at lower prices in quantity purchases.),  Call ahead for seasonal hours, toll-free 1-888-321-9445, or email Charlotte.  pickup or ship (extra), also provider of tree seeds, wild nuts, bird seeds, nut collection equipment).  PLEASE CALL FIRST.  They're in the Indiana Artisan program.  Check their web site for additional information.  Also, check their listing under persimmon products for persimmon chocolate chip cookies!

Bloomfield, IN - Dwayne Smith, RR 3, Box 183AA, Bloomfield, IN 47402, (812) 384-9033.  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Bloomington, IN -

        Dillman Farm, 4955 W State Road 45, Bloomington, IN 47403-9362, (812) 825-5525, or email, ($6.50/pint), pickup or
        overnight shipping (extra), also has a line of specialty jams, fruit butters, condiments, honey, fudge, and more.  Availabile
        while supplies last from the 3rd week of October through Christmas.

        Melton's Orchard --More Than Just Apples, LLC, 4445 West State Road 45, Bloomington, IN 47403,  (812) 825-2737 or
        email,  ($5.99/pint), (also seasonal farm produce, plants, a line of jellies, jams, fruit butters, condiments, antiques, collectables,
        and primitives.

        Musgrave Orchard & Cider Mill, 8820 North Old State Road 37, Bloomington, IN 47408, (812) 339-5006, or email, ($6.00/pint),
        PICKUP ONLY, WHOLESALE AVAILABLE, (also award-winning apple cider, locally grown apples, produce, eggs, jams, honey,
        sorghum, and arts and crafts).  

Brazil, IN - Linda Harden, 11288 East Parr Avenue, Brazil, IN 47834, (812) 877-4869, ($2.50/pint), PICKUP ONLY, PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Campbellsburg, IN -

        Marilyn, Philip, & Shirley Brewer
, 1979 N. New Hope Road, Salem IN 47167, (812) 883-4459, ($4.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY,
        (also has shelled black walnuts and blackberries in season), Campbellsburg is roughly half-way between Mitchell and Salem on
        State Road 60 (the Brewers are closer to Campbellsburg though the zip code covers Salem, IN), PLEASE CALL FIRST.

        Chris Countryman
812-399-9078,  or Bill Harris (812) 525-8241, 4833 N.W. Washington School Road, Campbellsburg, IN,
        47108 ($5/pint), will deliver for a small delivery fee in local area, pickup or ship (extra). PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Danville, IN -  Jeff Decker
, (317) 745-4403, 991 N. State Road 39, Danville, IN 46122, ($6.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY, PLEASE CALL FIRST

Elwood, IN
- Honey Bear Miller, 1312 N. 9th Street, Elwood, IN 46036, (765) 552-7848, ($4.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY, PLEASE CALL FIRST, (also organic and heirloom fruits and vegetables...especially blackberries, beans and tomatoes, five types of indian corn and corn meal)

French Lick - Becky Hankins, 8476 West County Road, 675 South, French Lick, IN 47432, (812) 936-2880; ($5.00/pint), pickup or ship (extra).  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Greenfield, IN -

        John and Julia Street, 1725 Franklin St., Greenfield, IN  46140,  (317) 462-4620, ($6.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY.  They can also provide baked persimmon treats upon request.
        Also have black walnuts.  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

        Tuttle Orchards, 5717 N. 300 W., Greenfield, IN 46140, (317) 326-2278, ($7.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY.

Heltonville, IN  - Tessa Ikerd, 75 Allen Street, Heltonville, IN 47436, 812-583-2007, ($4.00/pint), pickup or local delivery,  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Indianapolis, IN - Carol Parsley, 4234 Larkspur Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46237, (317) 840-2880, (NO PULP for 2011 SEASON DUE TO POOR HARVEST), PICKUP ONLY, PLEASE CALL FIRST.  

Mitchell, IN - Faye Gerkin, 1216 Elm Park 1, Mitchell, IN 47446, (812) 849-3311,  ($4.00/pint), pickup or local delivery, PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Norman, INRobin Mikels - 2219 Hickory Grove Road, Norman, IN 47264, (812) 834-6184, ($4.00/pint), pickup or local delivery, brown eggs in season, PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Orleans, IN - Twin Tykes Persimmon Pulp - Jason Robbins,
PO Box 291, Orleans, IN 47452, (812) 865-4371 or email Jason, ($3.50/pint), pickup or ship (extra),  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Owensburg, IN - Jack or Kathy Swango
, Rural Route 3, Box 0, Owensburg, IN  47453, (812) 863-2362, ($4.00/pint),  pickup or local delivery,  PLEASE CALL FIRST.  

Salem, IN
- (see Campbellsburg above)

Terre Haute, IN -

     Dan & Janet Kleptz, 2528 E. Eaton Dr., Terre Haute, IN 47802, (812) 299-4249, ($5.00/pint), pickup or local delivery.  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Jerry Lehman, 7780 Persimmon Street, Terre Haute, IN 47802-4994, (812) 298-8733, ($5.00/pint), pickup or ship (extra).  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Vincennes, IN - Nesbitt’s Orchard, 2697 East State Road 61, Vincennes, IN 47591, (812) 882-5928, ($4.95/pint), PICKUP ONLY, (also seasonal farm produce and plants).  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Worthington, IN -  Worthington Senior Citizens Center, 3 North Washington Street, Worthington, IN  47471, (812) 875-2525 or  (812) 875-2012, ($4.00/pint) PICKUP OR LOCAL DELIVERY.  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

NORTH CAROLINA (6 locations)
Denton, NC - Janice Eldredge, Iron Farm, 1733 South Main Street Extension, Denton, NC, (336) 859-3862, ($5.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY, also have boer goats, chickens, fresh eggs, PLEASE CALL FIRST (can leave message).

Greensboro, NC - Brenda Smith
, 729 Brigham Road, Greensboro, NC 27409, (336) 668-9794, ($5.00/pint), pickup or ship (extra), also sells persimmon breads ($8.00) and puddings ($12.00),

Mocksville, NC - Cindy Williams, (336) 909-3885, ($5.00/pint), PICKUP OR LOCAL DELIVERY, sweet corn also available in season, PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Ramseur, NC - Gail Allred, 3188 Macon Farm Road, Ramseur, NC 27316, (336) 879-4515, ($5.00/pint), PICKUP ONLY, also sells black walnuts - shelled and whole, fresh eggs, seasonal farm produce, home canned items.  PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Winston-Salem, NC - Derek Morris
, Winston-Salem, NC , (336) 788-5932, PICKUP ONLY.  PLEASE CALL FIRST.  Also has Asian persimmons and pawpaw fruit in-season.

Yadkinville, NC - Marti Utter, 2721 Shacktown Road, Yadkinville, NC 27055, (336) 391-8459, ($7.00/pint, or 6.00/pint for 3 or more pints), PICKUP ONLY, they also have small-batch-produced jams, jellys and chutneys from local produce, PLEASE CALL FIRST.

Persimmon Fruit:

Bennett, NC - Bluebird Hill Farm - 421 Clarence Phillips Road, Bennett, NC 27208, contact Norma Burns, (336) 581-3916, Frozen whole fruit available, pickup or ship (extra), PLEASE CALL FIRST.  Also has home-grown herbal teas, dried herbs, spice mixes, spice rubs, jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes), and in-season items such as figs and pears, fresh and dried lavendar (culinary and craft), and a CSA (May to September - Raleigh or at the Farm).  You can also find Bluebird Hill Farm at the North Hill Saturday Farmer's Market in Raleigh, NC on Saturdays from April through October.

Persimmon Trees:

Nolin River Nut Tree Nursery, 797 Port Wooden Road, Upton, Kentucky 42784, John & Lisa Brittain, (270) 369-8551 - Many  different Diospyros virginiana cultivars to choose from: 'Blue', 'Craggs', 'Delight', 'Dollywood', 'Early Golden', 'Golden Supreme', 'Evelyn', 'Garretson', 'H-118', 'Janet', 'John Rick', 'Killen', 'Miles', 'Miller', 'Morris Burton', 'Munich', 'NC-10', 'Osage', 'Ruby', 'Szukis', 'Valene Beauty', 'Woolbright', 'Yates'.  
Edible Landscaping,  361 Spirit Ridge Ln. Afton, VA 22920, email for info, (800) 524-4156 - 3 varieties of Diospyros virginiana, 'Meader', 'Ruby', 'Yates'.  They also have the Russian Diospyros virginiana x Diospyros kaki hybrid called 'Rosseyanka', and 12 varieties of Diospyros kaki.
England's Orchard & Nursery,  316 Ky. Hwy 2004 McKee, KY 40447, email for info,  (606) 965-2228 - 7 varieties of Diospyros virginiana, 'Garretson', 'Meader', 'Celebrity U20A', 'Early Golden', 'Elmo (A-118)', 'H63A Claypool', 'J-59 Claypool'. They have the Russian Diospyros virginiana x Diospyros kaki hybrid called 'Rosseyanka', and the following Korean varieties of Diospyros kaki; 'Hokkaido', 'Shin Na Da', 'Rojo Brillante', 'Sung Hui', 'Kyung San Ban Si'.
Grimo Nut Nursery, 979 Lakeshore RD,. R.R. 3, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada LOS 1JO, email for info, (905) YEH-NUTS (934-6887) - 5 varieties of Diospyros virginiana: 'Campbell NC 10', 'John Rick', 'Peipher', 'Szukis', 'Yates', seedlings also available, and one variety of Diospyros kaki.
Hidden Springs Nursery, 170 Hidden Springs Lane, Cookeville, TN 38501, email for info, (931) 268-2592.   3 varieties of Diospyros virginiana, 'Meader', 'Morris Burton', 'Pipher'.  Also, the Russian Diospyros virginiana x Diospyros kaki hybrid 'Rosseyanka', and seedlings also available.
One Green World, 28696 S. Cramer Road, Molalla, OR 97038,  email for info, (877) 353-4028, 4 varieties of Diospyros virginiana, 'Early Golden', 'Garretson', 'John Rick', 'Meader', a Diospyros virginiana x Diospyros kaki hybrid called 'Nikita's Gift', and 9 varieties of Diospyros kaki.  
Raintree Nursery, 391 Butts Road, Morton, WA 98356, email for info, (360) 496-6400, - 3 varieties of Diospyros virginiana 'Early Golden', 'Garretson', & 'Meader', a Diospyros virginiana x Diospyros kaki hybrid called 'Nikita's Gift', and 8 varieties of Diospyros kaki / Diospyros lotus (and hybrids between the two species)

The following nurseries have wild-type persimmons or seedlings.  Wild-type native persimmons, especially those from the same region, are recommended for wildlife plantings, habitat enhancement and creation, wetland & riparian area mitigations, and other ecological restorations.  If you want specific traits and/or certain seasonal traits, you're better off getting grafted cultivars (or grafting them yourself).  

Arborvillage, LLC: P.O. Box 227, Holt, MO  64048, email for info, Phone: 816-264-3911, Fax: 816-264-3760.

Burncoose Nurseries: Gwennap, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 6BJ, England (United Kingdom), email for info, Telephone: +44 (0) 1209 860316, Fax: +44 (0) 1209 860011.

Forestfarm, 990 Tetherow Rd., Williams, OR 97544-9599, email for info, (541)846-7269

KORE Wild Fruit Nursery, Warren Fields Farm, Trellech, Monmouth, Gwent, NP25 4PQ, United Kingdom (Wales).  email for info, Phone: (0) 1600 860248.

Nearly Native Nursery, 776 McBride Road, Fayetteville, Georgia 30215, email for info, 770-460-6284,

Shooting Star Nursery, 160 Soards Road, Georgetown, KY 40324, email for info, (502) 867-7979

Woodlanders, Inc., 1128 Colleton Avenue, Aiken, SC 29801, email for info, (803) 648-7522

Additionally, you may wish to check with your state's Forestry Department.  They may have wild-type nursery bare-rooted seedlings available by the bundle (usually 100 to 144).

The followng nurseries have seeds and/or seedlings from cultivar sources (note: these are assorted and will not be true to the original cultivar):

Musser Forests, Inc., 1880 Route 119 HWY N, Indiana, PA 15701, email for info, (800) 643-8319

Oikos Tree Crops, PO Box 19425, Kalamazoo, Michigan 40019-0425, email for info, (269) 624-6233, Fax: (269) 624-4019. 

Persimmon Goods:

Persimmon Butter - Persimmon Hill Farms - (southwest Missouri) makes a persimmon butter and sells it in 10 oz jars.  Persimmon Hill Farms, 367 Persimmon Hill Lane, Lampe, Missouri, 65681, (417) 779-5443, 800-333-4159 or you can also email them.  
Persimmon Pudding - Spring Mill Inn at Spring Mill State Park, 3 miles East of Mitchell Indiana on Highway 60 - serves persimmon pudding in the Inn YEAR ROUND during lunch and supper.  Spring Mill State Park, P.O. Box 68, Mitchell, IN, 47446, (812) 849-4081, Fax: 812-849-4647. Reservations: 877-9-SPRING (877-977-7464).

Persimmon Softserve Ice Cream - Jiffy Treet  Homemade Ice Cream is centered around Bloomington, IN.  Each season, they use local persimmon pulp to make a persimmon softserve ice cream.  Get it while it is in season!!!  They have ---  locations as listed below:
1) 4727 W State Road 46,  Elletsville IN
Persimmon Wines - Hilltop Berry Farm & Winery (northeastern Virginia) makes Pounding Branch Persimmon Melomel with native persimmons.  They won a gold medal (FEB 2008) at the International Mead Festival competition in Boulder Colorado.  Contact Kimberly Allen Pugh, Winemaker/ Co-Owner at Hilltop Berry Farm & Winery, 2800 Berry Hill Road, Nellysford, VA, Phone/FAX: (434) 361-1266. 
Persimmon Wines - White Owl Winery (southeastern Illinois) makes some fantastic, award winning wines from native persimmons (and pawpaws).  White Owl Winery,  122A Birds Road, RT. 1, Birds, Illinois 62427, (618) 928-2898.  

Persimmon Publications: 

Persimmon Cookbook - "Persimmon Cookbook" compiled by the Mitchell Community Schools Scholarship Foundation, with 73 recipes includin a number of contest winners from the annual Mitchell Persimmon Festival.  This cookbook is self-published.  I got mine at Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell for $6.00.  
Persimmon Cookbook - "Persimmon Recipes" by Dymple Green, a 1981 cookbook with 67 persimmon recipes for our native persimmons.  This cookbook was self-published in 1981, and is now in its 5th printing.  The price is$4.00 shipped anywhere within the US.  You can order your copy directly from the author by sending your check or money order to: Dymple Green, 967 Old Highway 60 West, Mitchell, IN  47446.  Cookbook sales are via mail order only (unless you happen to attend the Mitchell Persimmon Festival each October!). 
Persimmon Cookbook - "Persimmons" by Mary Ann Durbin and Pearl Luttrell, a 1989 award-winning cookbook with 137 recipes also for our native American persimmons.  The price is $8.00 shipped within the US.  You can order your copy by sending your check or money order to:  Christian County Historical Society, Post Office Box 254,Taylorville, IL  62568.  Alas , the authors have passed on.  However cookbook sales are available via mailorder at the above address, or at the Christian County Historical Society & Museum Grounds, or while attending the Persimmon Party each November.  
Persimmon Culture in New Zealand by Hirotoshi Kitagawa and Paul Glucina. This book is in full color on slick paper and printed in New Zealand. Asian persimmon (Diospyros kaki) subjects covered are: Cultivars, Propagation, Pollination, Orchard management, Fruit Processing and Astringency Removal. New books, $18.00 which includes postage within the continental United States.  Send check or money order to Jerry Lehman, 7780 Persimmon Street, Terre Haute, IN 47802-4994, (812) 298-8733.
Persimmons for Everyone by Eugene & Mary Griffin.  
This book was published in 1982 by The North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX) and is now out of print. The book is now available on CD only in cooperation with NAFEX. It runs 160 pages which includes 70 pages of American persimmon recipes. To view book contents click here.  Price is $18.00 which includes postage within the continental United States.  Send check or money order to  Jerry Lehman, 7780 Persimmon Street, Terre Haute, IN 47802-4994, (812) 298-8733.